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“WELL” Built The Lakehouse at Sloans Lake

“WELL” Built The Lakehouse at Sloans Lake

Health and wellness is at the forefront of most everyone’s minds in these current times, and the built environmentwill have to address the heightened demand for healthy spaces like never before. Owners and developers of office buildings, retail centers and residential buildings will now face important and legitimate questions about their buildings’ ability to provide a safe and healthy environment to the people who live and work in these spaces, and their design and construction teams must be able to answer for them.

The shiny new Lakehouse condos and townhomes at Sloan’s Lake were originally designed and built with wellnessin mind. Not because of any knowledge of a looming pandemic, obviously. Rather, the 540,000 square foot building, with 196 residences and ground floor retail space was originally envisioned six-years ago to become the first residential building in Colorado to achieve the newly established WELL Building Standard™.

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