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Shadetec Presents Clear Shield Shades For A Post-Covid World

Shadetec Presents Clear Shield Shades For A Post-Covid World

Shadetec, an ITALKRAFT partner company, is proud to present Clear Shield Shades, a new product delivering enhanced protection to uphold safe environments where hygiene and safety are priority. Clear Shield Shades by Shadetec are designed to create protected spaces and to restore functionality as businesses adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. Installed easily into the ceiling, the shades are retractable, transparent barriers built to be pulled down to effortlessly separate areas and act as a divider between customers and staff members as needed. The Clear Shield Shades block pathogens while simultaneously protecting staff and customers, and allow for total transparency and minimal interference while business moves forward.

Unlike fixed plexiglass, Clear Shield Shades are created with a high transparency polyvinyl fabric on a roller system, making them easily retractable and available in either motorized or manual options ideal for commercial or residential use. Both decorative and functional, Shadetec’s Clear Shield Shades are seamlessly installed and completely collected on the ceiling, designed with easy maintenance to protect spaces and the people in them.

Shadetec is part of the ITALKRAFT group and shares the same important values of producing high quality products by a team of unmatched experts with a commitment to first class customer service, quality and an impeccable reputation. With over 25 years of experience in window treatments, showrooms availability, and vast technical knowledge, Shadetec is the front runner in Miami for upscale shades, shutters and drapery and maintains an active presence in all ITALKRAFT showrooms.

Here at ITALKRAFT, we are focused on providing authentic, dependable service that prioritizes the health and well-being of customers and staff. We are pleased to share with you that COVID-19 Clear Shield Shades by Shadetec have been installed in our Miami/Doral showroom. We will continue to make modifications that allow us to conduct business and meet with customers in the safest possible manner. Our Doral, Wynwood, Aventura and Fort Lauderdale showrooms are now fully open and operational from Monday through Friday, 10am-5pm, for both walk-ins and scheduled appointments, and on Saturday by appointment only. News on our New York showroom will be shared accordingly based on state and local guidelines. We will continue to comply with the government mandate and all health and safety guidelines in order to protect our workers.

We wanted to remind you that our team is always available for virtual design consultations at your convenience. Virtual appointments can be made at the link here. 
We look forward to continuing our work together.
 Shadetec Clear Shield Shades

Shadetec Clear Shield Shades Box

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